Announcement of New Share Issuance (Free Capital Increase)

Mar 24th, 2023

We hereby announce that the Board of Directors of 3KBICAS Co., Ltd. held on March 24th, 2023, resolved to issue new shares through a free capital increase as follows.

1. Free capital increase amount and resources: Capital reserve (stock issuance premium) KRW 477,948,000
2. Matters related to new stock issuance following free capital increase
    (1) Type and number of stocks: 638,600 registered common stocks Redemption / conversion preferred 21,622 shares of stock
    (2) Issuance amount: KRW 330,111,000
    (3) Par value of stock: KRW 500 per share
    (4) New stock allocation date: April 11, 2023
    (5) New stock allocation record date: January 1, 2023
    (6) Method of allocating new shares and processing of singular shares: As of 09:00 AM on April 11, 2023, new shares will be allocated to shareholders registered in
          the shareholder register at the rate of 2 shares per share. However, for single shares of less than 1 share, payment is made in cash.
    (7) Expected date of issuance of new stock certificates: April 25, 2023

Announcement of New Share Allocation Base Date and Shareholder List Closing Period

Please note that in order to allocate new shares in accordance with Article 354 of the Commercial Act, stock transfer, pledge registration,
change and cancellation thereof, and indication and cancellation of trust property are suspended as follows.

1. New Share Allocation Date: April 11, 2023
2. Shareholder List Closure Period: April 12, 2023 to April 14, 2023 (3 business days)

March 24th, 2023

3KBICAS Co., Ltd. CEO Dongsu Song
CEO Hyunho Ahn