3KBICAS MAPIS solution that saves people’s lives and
protects healthy lives and happiness with AI

AI medical technology field, predictive technology for correct action beyond simple diagnostic assistance.
A solution specialized for CVA in the neuro field, which has the highest level of technical difficulty.

Why Choose Us

3KBICAS has proven capabilities and business competitiveness to implement “prediction” technology in the AI medical field.

  • 01

    The world’s only cerebral infarction → cerebral hemorrhage conversion prediction solution

    Currently, there are no certified or licensed artificial intelligence medical devices for predicting cerebral infarction → cerebral hemorrhage conversion, and there is no algorithm other than our company to implement the solution.

  • 02

    Own data preprocessing technology

    Possesses international standard XML technology that automatically converts structured/unstructured data into machine-readable metadata

  • 03

    Best company in technology evaluation (TI-3)

    Obtained certification for diagnosis prediction related to artificial intelligence-based imaging medical information
    Convert medical imaging data of cerebral infarction patients into machine-readable data and provide big data and artificial intelligence-based datasets

  • 04

    Original technology patent

    Acquisition of artificial intelligence medical device technology patents and technology defense through continuous research and development activitiesPatent No. 10-2294164
    (Brain computed tomography imaging data management system for predicting hemorrhagic transformation)

  • 05

    Domestic research and development network

    Partnership and joint research and development with Hallym University hospitals (6 general hospitals including Chuncheon Sacred Heart Hospital)
    Selected as a digital healthcare regulation-free special zone,
    specialized area for cerebrovascular disease (stroke), Gangwon-do base hospital,
    Hallym Medical Center, AI cloud platform provided

  • 06

    Possession of data for over 45,000 patients

    The goal is to achieve a hemorrhagic transformation prediction model accuracy (FSIM) of 95% or higher.
    Establish imaging and clinical data for patients with hyperacute cerebral infarction in approximately 1,500 patients.


Medical Artificial Intelligence Prediction Image System

Cerebral infarction treatment system,
which accounts for 80% of stroke


A solution to predict hemorrhagic transformation when administering thrombolytics for the treatment of cerebral infarction patients, which accounts for 80-85% of cerebrovascular disease (stroke) patients


We saves lives within the golden time (270 minutes) by reducing hemorrhagic transformation, which occurs at about 20% when administering thrombolytics, to less than 3%. This is an artificial intelligence solution that protects the happiness of patients and their families and reduces treatment costs and opportunity costs for the family and the country.

Why do you need a MAPIS solution?

Types of cerebrovascular disease (stroke)

Cerebral infarction
Cerebral hemorrhage
  • Requires administration of thrombolytics to dissolve clotted blood or surgical operation
  • A disease with high aftereffects and mortality depending on response time
  • In the case of patients with ischemic disease, which mainly occurs, there is a high possibility of conversion to bleeding when administering the drug, which increases the burden on the doctor in charge
    (probability of conversion is approximately 20%)
  • Diseases that make it difficult to diagnose and decide on treatment methods in the absence of a specialist

When deciding whether to administer thrombolytics or undergo surgery after a diagnosis of cerebral infarction, MAPIS predicts the possibility of cerebral hemorrhage conversion and helps determine treatment methods.